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  • Electric demolition hammer

    Electric demolition hammers are specifically designed to chip and break out concrete, brick and masonry. Corded electric demo hammers are available from several manufacturers in sizes approximately 10 to 75 pounds.
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  • 90lbs electric demolition hammer

    • Day Rate

      $90.00 / Day
    • Week Rate

      $900.00 / Week
    • Month Rate

      $7,099.00 / Month
    Exceptionally powerful <em>breaker</em> for heavy-duty <em>concrete demolition</em>, asphalt cutting, earthwork and driving ground rods.
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  • Electric Rotary Hammer Drill

    It offers more impact energy than hammer <em>drills</em>. The <em>rotary hammer drill</em> is widely used and is a crucial requirement for construction purposes.
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