Masonry and Concrete Saw Types and Vital Safety Tips

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Masonry and concrete saws are power tools for cutting tiles, concrete, asphalt, and other solid materials. These saws aren’t as common as circular saws and table saws because not many people regularly cut concrete and brick. Concrete saws and masonry saws are used by professionals. Many of which cab be found at Allied Rental Center on St Thomas, USVI each day obtaining the needed tools and equipment.

Types of Masonry Saws

Masonry saws are classified according to design into two categories. Masonry Table Saw St Thomas Rental

  • Masonry Table Saw
  • Handheld Masonry Saw

Masonry Table Saw

This is a table-type saw with a blade attached to a drive motor and a sliding table that moves towards a rotating blade. The masonry table saw is a wet type of saw that can cut masonry slabs accurately on a straight line. Building contractors and construction workers mostly used the one with the table.

Handheld Masonry Saw

Also known as the disc cutter, its mainly used for cutting through paving stones, reinforced concrete, bricks, and much more for repair works and demolition. This version is a portable saw and works the same way as the angle grinder or a circular saw. It is, however, a heavy-duty piece of machinery and with powerful drive motors.

Concrete Saws

Concrete saws are classified based on how they are held and how they are powered.

Small Handheld Concrete Saws

These are small in size and held by hand. They are easy to move as they are incredibly lightweight but have lower horsepower making them slow cutters.

Bigger, Walk-Behind Concrete SawsWalk-Behind Concrete Masonry Saw St thomas usvi

The difference is in the way it is held and the size. These are larger and heavier and not as easy to move. You hold one from behind when using it, and they are super-fast cutters thanks to their high horsepower.

Gas-powered concrete saws

It produces a lot of dust and exhaust and is suitable for outdoor jobs. They are easier to use and can be used everywhere even where no electric outlet is available. They are more powerful than electric concrete saws, and they tolerate rough handling with high build quality to help them last for a long time.

Electric Powered Concrete Saws

These are less noisy and don’t produce a lot of fumes or dust. They are best suited for indoor projects since construction fields don’t have electricity outlets till on later stages of the development. They are easier to use and maintain as well. They can be corded or cordless, which means they have the option of running with batteries.

Vital Safety Tips When Using High Powered Saws

  • Check if the machine is working properly

A faulty machine can cause a lot of problems later. So fix the issue before you start using the machine.

  • Wear safety gear

Saws are incredibly dangerous and should never be operated without the necessary safety gear. To prevent injuries, everyone on the site where these saws are used should wear safety gear.

  • Follow usage instructions

To maintain proper safety, only use the machine where it is supposed to be used. For example, no matter how tough it looks, never use the concrete or masonry saws on wood or metal.

  • Stay away from the dust

The dust and fumes produced by these machines while cutting are dangerous for your health. It has the potential to damage the lungs when inhaled so stay away from it.

  • Stay away from water when using electric tools

Electricity and water aren’t and will never be friends. Stay away from water to prevent accidents and short circuits, which leads to greater casualties.

  • Zero distractions

When using these saws, focus on what you are doing and never allow anything to distract you, as this can lead to accidents.

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