Essential Pressure Washer Safety Tips for Beginners and Experts

pressure washing STT VIRGIN ISLANDS

Pressure washer safety in the Virgin Islands is not a joke. Operating a pressure washer must be done safely. Otherwise, you risk serious to catastrophic injury. Have you ever seen the injuries the power washer jet spray causes? If not, then take my word for it. You don’t want to see it ever. The sad thing with most of the pressure washer injuries is they are avoidable. Below are some of the safety tips for beginners and experts too.

  • Wear personal safety gear

Never use a pressure washer without wearing safety gear. Your hands, feet, and eyes should always be protected as they are at high risk of getting injured by flying debris or water from the pressure nozzle.

  • Read the manual

Most experts leave this part for beginners, but it is as important to them. Every machine is different, and you need to know the best and proper way to use it. Read the entire user manual before you power on the machine to understand how to operate the machine and some troubleshooting tips.

  • Get rid of the zero-degree nozzle

This is the highest-pressure nozzle for your machine. It shoots a very narrow but high-pressure stream of water. Unfortunately, it is also the most dangerous when it comes to damage of property and physical injury. It is rare to have a cleaning job that requires anything close to that strong pressure.

  • Be aware of your surroundings

Take a good look at your surrounding before using the pressure washer. Get rid of any trip hazards and ensure the kids aren’t anywhere close to your working area. Cover the vents and exterior lights, then close your windows—Prep your surroundings before starting the machine.

  • Hands-off

This is the safety rule to remember the most. NEVER, EVER get your hand or any other part of your body in the way of your pressure washer spray. NEVER spray or point the jet spray at someone. This is a machine that can cause severe injuries and should never be used for fun.

  • Avoid ladderswearing safety gear when pressure washing US VIRGIN ISLANDS

A pressure washer produces serious kickback force, which might lead to a nasty fall if you are in an elevated position. If you want to reach high areas, go for extension wands or call a professional cleaner to handle it.

For electric pressure washers, make sure you avoid the extension cords to eliminate the risk of electrocution. For gas pressure washers, don’t run one in an enclosed space or indoors. You need ample space for exhaust ventilation as the gas washer produces poisonous carbon monoxide fumes.

A slip up when using the pressure washer can send you to the emergency room and see you get dozens of stitches. Most people underestimate the power of a pressure washer no wonder they pick it up in their pajamas and flip flops and start cleaning. Avoid this at all costs and only use it with the proper safety gear.


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