Difference Between an Articulating and Straight Boom Lift

Articulating Boom Lift St Thomas John USVI

Aerial lift equipment is used in a broad range of industries in facilities and on job sites across the globe. Boom lifts specifically are an excellent choice when you need to lift tools, workers, and materials to high places and get the Virgin Islands-based job done. Two of the most common types of boom lifts are the articulating and straight boom lifts. Both of these are essential in construction. They can take the construction workers to the high and hard-to-reach spots but not the same ones. They have hydraulic arms, each with significant reach.

The Difference

Straight Boom Lift

The straight boom lift, also known as the stick boom or a telescopic boom lift, has a boom telescoping straight out from the boom hoist. The boom hoist is attached to the chassis and can reach significant heights depending on the model. Some models can go as high as 185 feet, but the most common maximum range for the straight boom lift is 150 feet. Straight Boom Lift St Thomas USVI

The straight boom lift is used when your crew needs to access areas blocked by rough terrain or somewhere the lift can’t access. The boom is able to extend quickly, and the lift can be driven in different positions when the boom is fully extended. The horizontal reach for the straight boom lift makes it ideal for most construction works.

The Articulating Boom Lift

Also known as the knuckle boom, it has many sections with “joints” in between. The articulating boom lift can unfold in a way that allows the user to go around and over obstacles in tight spaces. For most Virgin Islands operations, the articulating boom is best for moving materials and people around obstacles into multiple positions and with agility.

The articulating boom lift travels over uneven terrain but has a slightly shorter horizontal reach like the straight boom lift.

With the equipment, there are three considerations to make to help you choose the best.Articulating Boom Lift St Thomas John USVI

  • Job site conditions
  • Agility and maneuverability vs. space and reach
  • The job to be done

Like with most construction equipment in St Thomas, these boom lifts should be operated by trained professionals. Most of the time, you are advised to rent the machines instead of purchasing them. This way, you ensure that you have the right boom lift with each job to fit your needs. Talk to us here at Allied Rental Center and let us help you choose the best equipment according to your job: www.AlliedRentalVI.com

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